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"It's raw. It's real. It's the story of the human experience"

-Broadway World

The Story

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. St. Louis native and Broadway actress and singer (The Producers, The Vote Orange), Lisa st. Lou (formerly Rothauser) grew up with a passion for singing and a love of showbiz. She broke away from small town life and made it to the bright lights of Broadway only to be swept away to the ‘burbs by the man of her mother’s dreams. Who knew? Ready for a change, Lisa sent the husband packing, dropped the kids off at school, and is headed straight back to Broadway. Join her for a hilarious and inspiring musical transformation from Broadway performer to Stepford wife and back again. The show is musical directed by Grammy nominated producer/ songwriter Tor Hyams.

“There is no question that Lisa’s voice is sensational. It was simply stunning.”
-Time Square Chronicle

LIFE. Who Knew?

LIFE. Who Knew?

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