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The album is fantastic. I love it. You guys are extraordinarily talented and what you to together is so exciting. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL ALBUM. I sat and listened to every song without stopping. The lyrics are so impressive and Lisa sings the blues with so much dimension in her voice. What joy - Howard Weiss (Westchester, NY)

Your album is awesome and is currently getting me through my Fibonacci Pyramid workout, which is the greatest compliment I think I could give someone - David Sisco (NYC)

I AM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM!! SERIOUSLY! This is my favorite style of music and to have you singing soooo “beyond” Lisa.... and absolutely everything else to do with the fabulousness of each track!!! YOU TWO ARE JUST BRILLIANT!!!

Serious goosies all over - Kerri Gibbs (Australia)

Thank  you for the download. I love it!!!! Fabulous, Lisa your voice is so soulful!! So glad I was to able to help a little in you getting this project done. Bravo,and come to Rhode Island when you  are touring, I'd loved to see you perform live!!! - Susan Corria (Rhode Island)

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